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Low Down

Welcome to the birth of an instance of great veneration, of the Sweat Empire ideal, born by YOU our admirers.

Welcome to your cult clothing Empire!

We are extremely passionate about fitness, food and lifestyle.  This Empire. This Sweat Empire is dedicated to the threads you choose for comfort and speed! The kind of gear that we wanted for ourselves but didn't want to have to mortgage the house to wear. We thought we must be able to find a way to look good, train hard and have enough left over for a coffee with our friends..and damn it! we were right and you can enjoy the benefits of our passion too.

It's simple, great gear, great price and great people. Wear it, SWEAT!

Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the best thing you could do is if you share us with your friends and family, Tag us @sweatempire #sweatempire in the gear and we'll share the love :D

Deeply, Honestly, Thank you for supporting us - we look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Sweat Empire
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